Papaya Pulp

Papaya Pulp

Papaya pulp is made from the tropical fruit papaya. It may be used as a concentrate for juice, jams, baby food, addition to desserts and ice cream or just eaten as is. Commercial preparations of papaya pulp are available but it can be made easily at home from fresh papayas.

These Papaya Pulp is made from a hand picked assortment of papayas through a progression of cycles that incorporate washing, stripping, aging, assessing lastly extraction of mash through warm handling. Papaya Pulp is liberated from any pathogenic microscopic organisms. Papaya mash contains supplements that forestall the oxidation of cholesterol, happening of coronary episodes or strokes as it contain a lot of Vitamin C and nutrient A. Papaya mash can be mixed into a rich serving of mixed greens dressing, sauce and in child nourishments .

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