Guava Pulp

Guava Pulp

Guava pulp is obtained from ripe guava fruit, one of the highest sources of Vitamin C. Guava pulp has potential as a commercial source of pectin and, is used mainly for conversion into juices, jams, fruit cheeses, fruit bars etc. It is also used to flavour ice creams, puddings and yogurts.We are driving and prominent producers and exporters of the best nature of the guava mash in the homegrown just as global market.

We adhere to our quality guidelines and our agronomists and food technologists screen the security and cleanliness at each stage. We purchase the best nature of guavas from the ranches. These natural products are first investigated for the quality and afterward are sent for washing. The organic products are sent into maturing chambers. Completely aged guavas are washed and cleaned once more. We move these perfect guavas for additional cycles before extraction of the mash. These cycles are centrifuging, destoning, whitening and homogenization.

At that point the guavas are shipped off extraction chambers to get the mash. The total extraction measure incorporates cleaning, cutting, refining and pressing the organic product mash. The mash is then stuffed in to the jars which are sanitized and airtight fixed. We have an innovatively progressed best in class foundation for extraction and pressing technique.

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